PACES offers wraparound services for children identified as having a Severe Emotional Disturbance or SED. These services bring the youth, his/her family and the family’s support system together so everyone is working toward a common goal: the youth’s recovery and improved quality of life for the youth and family. The support system may include teachers, grandparents, ministers or others identified by the family as important persons in your life.

Emotional and behavioral health services

We provide therapy, case management, psychiatric services, medicine clinic, and groups for social skills.

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Services to the community

We provide many services as part of our dedication to the communities we serve.

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Specialized services

When a child is at risk of state hospitalization and the family's income exceeds Medicaid limits, the SED Waiver is available based on clinical eligibility.

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PACES offers presentations in community settings about behavioral interventions, emotional health issues, and trauma informed care.

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Pharmacy Services

Genoa Healthcare has an onsite pharmacy at 1301 N. 47th Street. Kansas City, KS 66102 where prescription medication can be ordered.  The pharmacy can be reached at 913-287-1600.

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Affordable Services

PACES will not deny crisis services due to inability to pay. PACES offers services to youth, ages 3 to 18, and their families, regardless of race, color, religion, disability, gender or national origin.

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