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COVID-19 Response: Important Changes in Services

The health of our clients, employees, and visitors is very important to us. So is the health of our community. For this reason, all Wyandot BHN organizations have taken a number of steps to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). These include: 

COVID-19: Helpful Tips for Kids & Families

During this time of uncertainty and upheaval, it is normal for children (and adults) to feel anxious and fearful. Daily routines have been disrupted, children and youth have limited freedom, and fewer social opportunities to connect with their peers and family members. To help cope with this unprecedented disruption in our lives, here are some helpful tips and resources for children, parents and caregivers:

Tips for Parents of Bullied Children

Derek Dean - PACES

More than 20 percent of all students report being bullied. Yet many of us as parents or caregivers might not know what to do when our children are bullied. Some of us may underreact, thinking children must learn to fend for themselves. Some of us may overreact, believing that the bully deserves some kind of revenge. 

Working with Schools to Promote Strong Mental Health

As Wyandotte County’s community mental health center for children, PACES provide care and treatment wherever it works best for the child. That often means going to where most children spend half the year: in school. 

PACES therapist: The gift of watching a mom and daughter begin to thrive

Earlier this year, PACES therapist Samantha Underwood received a call from an overwhelmed single mother...

Alpha Epsilon Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority

Thank you to the women of the KCK Alpha Epsilon Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority for your generous donation to PACES, Inc. Robert's Place Children Shelter! Our kitchen is now stocked and ready for our kiddos to do one of their favorite activities together - make brownies! Your support means so much to the children we serve. 

Ladies of Wyandotte Masonic Lodge #3

The Ladies of Wyandotte Masonic Lodge #3 came together to support PACES Robert's Place Children's Shelter with a donation of fun activities, art supplies, food, and more! Thank you so much to this generous and community-minded group of women for supporting our kids at Robert's Place. 

A Change in Leadership at PACES

We welcome Clarice Podrebarac, PACES new Executive Director, and thank Judi Rodman, former Executive Director, for her years of service and dedication.