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Grief & COVID-19: How We Process it and Move Forward

COVID-19 is not only an epidemiological crisis, it is a mental health crisis. In addition to the health and financial anxiety much of the population might be experiencing, we are all involved in a collective grieving process.

Now is The Time for Optimism

Optimism may be hard to summon at this time of deep crisis. But this is spring, a time for rebirth and renewal--and hope. So what better moment than now to reflect on what gives me hope, even as the news seems to deliver one despairing story after another?

COVID-19: Helpful Tips for Kids & Families

During this time of uncertainty and upheaval, it is normal for children (and adults) to feel anxious and fearful. Daily routines have been disrupted, children and youth have limited freedom, and fewer social opportunities to connect with their peers and family members. To help cope with this unprecedented disruption in our lives, here are some helpful tips and resources for children, parents and caregivers: