What is PACES?
PACES is an agency dedicated to helping kids with emotional and behavioral health concerns and their families. Our goal is to help kids, heal families and create hope on the road to recovery. We want kids and families to live happy, healthy lives.

What kind of services does PACES offer?
PACES staff members provide case management, individual and family therapy, medication monitoring and parent support. View a complete list of our services.

Where are PACES services provided?
An initial assessment is offered at our main location. Some community based services are offered throughout the community.

How do I know my kid is having an emotional or behavioral problem and something else isn’t going on in his or her life?
At the time of the initial assessment, we’ll talk with you to understand what’s going on and what supports and services we can offer to help.

How will we pay for these services?
PACES accepts different payment sources including private insurance and Medicaid. There is also a Medicaid Waiver Program for kids who qualify. Staff will discuss these arrangements with you when you come for your assessment.

What if my kid doesn’t want to receive services?
Our professional staff members work to break down barriers to develop a relationship with kids and their family members.